16 October 2019

Public holidays affect the road freight schedule

During the Christmas season and at the beginning of the New Year, several public holidays affect the usual schedule. Please see below revised lead times.


FLEX – Shipments <2,500 kg

Normal schedule, but extended lead times (0-3 days) are expected between 19 December – 7 January.


DIRECT – Shipments >2,500 kg

Normal schedule except for extended lead times (0-5 days) for international south and northbound volumes between 18 December – 13 January, due to capacity shortages. Further, interruptions are expected to occur during the following weeks:

Week 47

Minor disruptions for international volumes due to public holidays in Germany.

Week 52

Severe disruptions and extended lead times due to limited opening hours in large parts of Europe 24 – 26 December.

Week 1

Severe disruptions and increased lead times due to limited opening hours for large parts of Europe 31 December – 1 January.